AI vs HI

Part 1: Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Inspired by a workshop I presented on The Future of Intelligence: Technology in the Age of Intuition.
My guest, Dr Patrick Bangert, is the Vice President of AI for Samsung. He explained how AI and HI (Human Intelligence) are profoundly different and are good at very different things.

Important learnings from our workshop on The Future of Intelligence

Note: this is not an octopus. It’s also not much of an ant as it only has 4 legs…poor ant.

For anyone else who loved the Netflix show, My Octopus Teacher, I know, ants aren’t as smart as octopuses, but there are a lot more of them…

A Cosmic Perspective

My spiritual master in India, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, once said that an ant is as important as the brilliant sun. His point was that everything, great or small, has a vital place within the harmony of the universe. Yet when he said it, it felt like he was describing not just a concept but his actual perspective.

I want that. I want to be able to experience that sense of…

A few years ago I read about some Australian scientists who think that crocodiles are birds. I’m just waiting for them to announce that horses are insects, fish enjoy studying particle physics and octopuses can easily be taught to play the piano.

So, regarding their idea about crocodiles being birds, here’s how they reached this astonishing conclusion.

They picked on three large crocodiles that were living a bit too close to a popular beach for comfort (we’re not talking about the comfort of the crocodiles here…), and tried to relocate them to a remote swamp. Please note that we are…

A Tragic Case of Missing Hair-Tie Distress

Intelligence is really weird. Sometimes I feel super smart and practical, like when I remember to service my car, or figure out how to change the battery in my guitar tuner. Then I feel like Elon Musk.

But then, when I’m in ‘Not-Elon’ mode, my intelligence quotient takes a dip and I can’t remember where I put my glasses. I look everywhere. Did I leave them in the kitchen, in the car, in my backpack? I look all over the place. It’s a total mystery. Which cunning devil could have stolen them? …

Mr God was tinkering in his den, designing new universes and experimenting with alternative laws of physics, when he let out a cry of surprise. He ran to his wife, as he usually did when he had something exciting to report.

“Honey, you won’t believe what I just discovered.”

“Perhaps not, but I believe in you dear,” said Mrs God. With so many atheists out there, she’d found that lately he needed constant reassurance of his own existence.

“Thanks, but it’s not that. You know how I had this startup idea for a new universe, and I applied for funding?”

Proof that I’m not making this up. These wonderful biscuits really exist!

Lisa, the Norwegian girl who glows in the dark, was laughing. I suspected that she was laughing at me. Her laughter was a delight to witness, a sizzling, un-self-conscious snuffling giggle that only made her glow more brightly.

“What are you doing??” she gasped, her tone implying that I was behaving like a being from another planet.

I stiffened, sensing an assault on my dignity. “I don’t know what you mean.”I felt vulnerable, uncertain of my terrestrial origins.

“Why are you licking that biscuit so carefully before eating it? And then nibbling it around the edge, like a mouse.” Lisa…

Photo by Rémi Müller on Unsplash

The time has come for me to relate yet another tale of anguish from my tragic youth. Suppressed by my own psyche to protect me from trauma, this ghastly memory has finally re-surfaced. Steel yourself for this dread narrative: The Lawnmower from Hell.

At first glance it appeared to be an innocent machine, sincerely dedicated to its single task of mowing the lawn. But I was soon to learn that within that inorganic frame lurked a spirit so malevolent that it made Saruman look like Santa Claus; a wily mind that fed on the pain of a young boy, driving…

Hands, Head and Heart

If you’ve ever pondered this question, wondering why octopuses, or perhaps dolphins, do not dominate our planet, you’ll be happy to know, you’re not alone. I first started thinking about this when I was ten and I’ve been dying to talk to you about it ever since. Here’s where you get to learn the secret formula for world domination, so pay attention.

When I was a kid I loved a TV show called, The Undersea World of Jaques Cousteau. Jaques Cousteau invented the SCUBA system (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) for the French Navy during World…

Pondering Humanity’s Prospects

As I emerged from adolescence I began to wonder about the fate of my species. With the help of our long line of ancestors we’ve done well: eluding saber-tooths, beating up Neanderthals, being fish, etc. (not necessarily in that order). Wow! We’ve evolved into self aware beings and conquered a planet. But now, rather than celebrating and living in peace and plenty, we remain deeply unsatisfied and continue to squabble. And, as planetary custodians go, we’re probably ranked just slightly better than Darth Vader.

So the big question in my 19 year old brain (made of real…

The Mobius Strip, possessing but one side, elegantly illustrates the illusion of two-ness

You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘All is One’. This is a popular claim amongst mystically inclined physicists, an increasingly rare breed, and aspiring Buddhist philosophers, disturbingly less rare with every passing moment. During my monk training we studied ancient sanskrit texts discussing Oneness at great length. Oneness, it turns out, is a well established concept. In number popularity contests, One consistently performs well.

Yet the all embracing wisdom of Oneness was recently called into question when a certain emerging intellectual giant (also known as ME) posed the following probing query: “I know that a lot of wise people, like Krishna…

Dada Nabhaniilananda

The Monk Dude. Yoga monk for 42 years, meditation instructor, author, keynote speaker and musician. From New Zealand. Teaches at Apple, Google, Facebook etc.

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